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IS E (Mighty E)

The IS E or Mighty E is an Award Winning Dry Ice Blasting Unit by ICEsonic. Mighty E is extremely light weight, compact and provides high performance cleaning. This machine is one of the most cost effective and proffered dry ice blasting machines on the market. Weighing in at only 25kg, the Mighty E provides you with outstanding portability and maneuverability in all forms of terrain.

Tehniline kirjeldus
Toide Pneumaatiline
Mahuti maht 20 kg
Mõõdud 500 x 760 x 430 mm
Kaal 24 kg
Maks. töösurve 10 bar.
Vajalik õhu kogus 1.5-3.0 mᶟ/min.
Kuivjää kulu 25-80 kg/t.
Mighty E komplektsus
Püstol voolikutele
5 m voolikud
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