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IS 75S

The IS 75S is an extremely powerful dry ice blasting unit designed for the toughest of cleaning applications. The IS 75S comes with a unique disk-style specially coated aluminum air lock that dramatically increases its life span and performance. IS 75S has a great scope of job possibilities from broadcast blasting to more intricate and precise working. Whether your job needs light or heavy duty cleaning the IS 75S cleans fast and thoroughly, decreasing your downtime and increasing productivity.

Tehniline kirjeldus
Toide Elektriline
Mahuti maht 25 kg
Mõõdud, mm 640 x 900 x 700
Kaal 65 kg
Pinge 220 V
Maks. töösurve 10 bar.
Vajalik õhu kogus 1.5-3.0 mᶟ/min.
Kuivjää kulu 25-80 kg/t.
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