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IS 75

The IS 75 is robust yet extremely portable dry ice blasting unit. It offers high pressure capabilities, but easily overcomes a great variety of cleaning projects. Weighing in at only 35kg, the IS 75 is very compact. The IS 75 can be transported and used in most environments, including hostile ones. The IS 75 offers true professional power. The IS 75 holds up to 35kg of dry ice pellets to allow for an extended period of blasting without having to re-fill and creating less downtime.

Tehniline kirjeldus
Toide Pneumaatiline
Mahuti maht 35 kg
Mõõdud, mm 590 x 940x640
Kaal 34 kg
Maks. töösurve 10 bar.
Vajalik õhu kogus 1.5-3.0 mᶟ/min.
Kuivjää kulu 25-80 kg/t.
IS 75 komplektsus
Püstol voolikutele
5 m voolikud
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