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IS 100-B1

The IS 100-B1 is a high-density massive dry ice production machine. If you are going to produce and sell dry ice in large quantity, then the IS 100-B1 is for you. The IS 100-B1 is used for food storage in airports, cooling sea food and other consumables during transportation, decoration in the catering industry and more. The IS 100-B1 features an automatically controlled system, optimization of the hydraulic system, and a graphical screen.

Tehniline kirjeldus
Toide Elektriline
Elektri mootor 11 kW
Mõõdud 1400 x 1100 x 1700 mm
Kaal 1000 kg
Kiuvjää bloki mõõdud 150 x 100 x (5-60) mm
Tootlikus 5 mm blok 100 kg/t
  25 mm blok 130 kg/t
  60 mm blok 185 kg/t